What is Şile Bezi/Sile Fabric ?

Don't let Synthetic Fabrics Touch Your Skin, Reward Yourself With Breath-Taking natural Sile Fabrics.

Şile Bezi " Sile Fabric" is a hanloomed thin muslin cotton fabric being made since ancient times.

It takes it’s name from the Şile village of Istanbul as it was first made in Şile. It is very ideal for clothing and baby textile as it is natural and soft , also being used in Home textile. The Sile fabric mostly have a curly structure coming from yarns but there are too many different models and patterns of Sile Fabric ( Sile Cloth).​

A remarkable purity and relaxed modernity...


Sile cloth woven on special wooden loom. These benches are approximately one meter wide and have many special pieces such as warp Levendi, masura, comb, shuttle. It is essential to use these special machines to make the Sile cloth touch without error.


Sile cloth, is made of 20 number curl  yarns. In the first stage, the strings called “Kelep”
are thrown into a special paste mixture called “çırşı” in copper boilers and boiling. Cold clamps are dried on the poles and the paste on it is free from residues.


The most interesting and characteristic stage of şile bezi production is that the fabric is washed with sea water and dried by spreading it to şile beaches. It gives its special structure to iodine and quartz fabric found in sand. Dried şile glands go to the stage of seeding.

Combining the old-centuries tradition of weaving with comfortable and modern sections, we have prepared a pure and stylish collection.

Our hand woven fabrics made in the villages, reflects the natural beauty of ancient times.

Its texture and posture is very natural. A remarkable purity and relaxed modernity.