Most frequent questions and answers

If the model is out of stock, we generally require for 50 pc / model and 10 pc / color but for some models we have some higher minimums. So please let us know the models you want to order so we can inform the exact MOQ.

We can print your labels if you sent us the design in PDF format. 
We are not charging extra cost for labeling, we just charge the cost of label printing,
which is approx 80 $ for 1.000 pc. 
After we label your order we are keeping the rest for your future orders.

We also give custom packing service,
  1. we can wrap your product with a branded paper
  2. we can pack individually in PPbag
  3. We can add hang tags, stickers etc..
  4. This service costs between 0,5 – 1.50 us $ / pc. depending on your request.
We are able to embroider or print your brand logo on products,
this service costs extra 1,00 US $ / pc depending on design and size of
the logo.

Delay is depending on the models and quantity of the order but it takes usually 30 days after confirmantion of orders.

We are using express services ( Fedex, DHL or UPS) for shipping orders max. for 150 kgs which makes approx 400 pc of products. We are adding the shipping cost on the invoice.
If the customer has their own forwarders we are able to contact with the company and organise the shipping.
For bigger orders we may recommend air cargo, road way or sea shipments.