Trade Registery Number: 428825
Tax Number: 648 016 1868

Our company is established in 1999 and active in textile business since 10 years.

Su Koleksiyon business goals are to introduce the art of weaving to the world, transforming our hand woven traditions
into modern products ideal for today’s daily use.

There more than 100 hand looms and 50 automatic looms weave the designs of Su Koleksiyon all over Turkey.

Our production is made possible by loom workshops spread to various villages instead of one central factory.
The reasons of this system is to keep the traditions of each family alive, to contribute to the economic development of each
household and to provide equal production opportunity for everyone instead of one central production facility.

We supply the weaving yarn to our weavers, we use certified dyes which do not include toxic chemicals and
get our yarn dyed in modern day dyeing plants.


We strive to provide the most best and most transparent customer service with our clients. We excel with our fast and efficient communication. This aids in finalizing the small details that make our products unique and some of the best in the world.


Su Koleksiyon keeps the clients information confidential and does not share with the third parties.
Private colors and patterns belonging to our clients are under our protection. 


If and when we encounter any delays, due to production or transportation issues from our various village factories,
we always inform our clients immediately.

The color and quality standard of your repeat orders are guaranteed by Su Koleksiyon up to 90%.
You can market and expand the products you’ve purchased from us with peace of mind.

(SU) Aqua....
Since the existance of humankind vitalized the humanity. Agua is anima , source of life.
The aim of making the moments more valuable with the most precious thing in the universe and returning it into art.
we are designing unique and natural products harmonizing with aqua...

We are working with artisans and loomers all over Turkey to create a rich collection and
to make the looming arts hand down to next generations

We are exporting our handwoven pestemal ,bathrobe and ethnic products all over the world..

Our main markets are USA, Australia and Europe

Our aim is to reach the best quality in our handwoven products besides weaving them in authentic and organic methods.
We are also producing private designs and embroideries also presenting them in various pack designs.