1. Min. Ordering quantity for volume purchases is 50 pieces per model and 10 pieces per color.

  2. Lead time (order delivery time) is, on average, 10 days for 100 pieces, with an allowance of +/- 2 days.

  3. Unusual delays which might be faced for hand-woven products will be advised to customers beforehand.

  4. Payment terms as upfront payment upon order confirmation for $2.000 or lower orders, and may be
    50% upfront payment and 50% upon shipment readiness, depending on preference.

  5. Samples are subject to payment, as well, sample shipping price will be added to the amount of sample
    if not sent through customer’s own account.

  6. For mass orders, unless customer refers to its own carrier, this will also be added to PO amount as shipping fee.

  7. If you are not satisfied with product which you purchased, you can give it back within 10 days on condition that
    ship-back cost is borne by yourselves.

  8. For mass sales, products which have not been so given back within 10 days and of which defect has not been
    so notified within 10 days wil not be taken back or replaced with a new product.

  9. Private labelling and packaging are subject to payment, and this service is offered to customers upon request.

  10. Min. Quantity for logo and trademark name embroidery and print is 200. Pricing is made depending on the design.

  11. Label printing quantity ismin. 1000 per design. Pricing is made depending on the design.

  12. For notices about defective product, it is essential that photograph of each defect will be sent. In this way, you can use
    product amount as credit (credit note) or get a money refund.
    SU KOLEKSİYON may optionally handle takeback of a high quantity products.

  13. As products are hand-woven on hand-operated looms, each order may involve a 5% color variation as well as
    nuances arising from weaving mode.

  14. Product models may not be copied and models may not be presented to another workshop for a production built upon them.

  15. Legal action will be started against anybody who use site content and text in an unauthorized way.